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As a little girl, I moved the furniture around in my room, I'd say, about 150 times. I thought I wanted to be an architect, until I realized there was a profession focused on just interiors.

It's in the blood as they say. One Grandfather was a blind carpenter (true!!), the other an electrical consultant. One Grandmother was business woman, the other a fastidious decorator. Dad was a creative Director/Editor of Film, but the biggest influence was my Mom. That woman could do anything, but sewing was her passion. She guided me find my vocation, to do what I love to do. Which is, Design.

I've been in the design-construction industry since 1995. I've hauled lumber, concrete, sold windows & doors/cabinetry, managed dozens of construction/retail people, worked extensively in customer service, decorated, painted, drywalled and simply swept a floor. Having all that experience has allowed me (and my husband) to fully renovate several houses, that we've enjoyed as well as the families after us have.

I've several kitchen and bath designs awards, awarded from the National Kitchen and Bath Association of Ottawa. I've sat on the Board for the NKBA Ottawa, and was honored to be President for a term. I taught Kitchen and Bath Design in the Kitchen and Bath Program at Algonquin for 7 years (1st and 2nd levels). I've organized several of the Design Awards Galas (10 years ). But my most treasured accolade was the Doris Lacroix award, which is an industry recognition from my peers.

I look not only at what your needs, wants and wishes are, but how your home or space can absorb all of these demands for todays lifestyles.

Combining all of that, each project results in a different design with a different style, and becomes a reflection of you, your family and the house itself. I can implement your design style or my design aesthetic, its up to you.

I don't have a team of people behind the scenes, its just me. I'll be handling your project throughout. What I like to do is create and infuse a sense of home, warmth, practicality, peace and individuality into the design of each project.

It's the type of design I like to do, it's kinda my mantra.


That is a difficult to explain. Because I work in a collaborative format, how I work, depends on you.

Lets take a Kitchen Project: Overall a prequalifying or initial phone call/email is the first step, then an in-home visit, then a concept, then we do the first presentation (2 or 3 amendments may result in more presentations). Once all the details have been decided, then it's on to the drawing stage.

Once that is complete, you can search for a contractor to fulfill your project needs, or I can recommend some as well.

That is of course oversimplifying the process, but its a good snapshot. You may not choose that type of service, so the process, timeline and results may be different.

The best course of action is to have a 20 minute phone call/email to discuss your needs.


We have worked with Shannon on two projects now over the past few years and she has been fantastic to work and collaborate with. Shannon took the time to get to know us and was able to blend both my style with that of my spouse into a very creative and beautiful finished product. Whenever any challenges came up, she was able to quickly find a budget conscious solution that met our needs. We look forward to working with her again!Read More

Shannon has become our go-to designer. She is an innovative collaborative partner with a talent for creative design and making the most of any space. Shannon listened and understood our goals and tastes, and helped to define the project plan. She was creative, responsive and flexible, pointing out possibilities and offering options compatible with our style and vision. Her use of software and modelling was extremely helpful in our being able to picture the design and make critical decisions. We found her to be a resourceful problem-solver with a great eye for esthetic detail and practical functionality. Shannon stayed involved through construction to ensure a successful project. We highly recommend her as a consummate professional!Read More

I’ve known Shannon at Design Wise Interiors for well over 10 years. I originally met Shannon when she designed for a kitchen and bath company. I was hired to photograph her work for a design competition. (Shannon has won many awards) We hit it off right from the beginning. She is fun to work with and tells you like it is. She is loyal and dedicated and an absolutely beautiful designer. I’ve photographed her work on many occasions and each time I am floored by her creativity and thinking outside the box approach. She can design any space and comes up with ideas you would never think of. We loved her work so much we didn’t even think twice about hiring her to design our cottage renovation. I can’t wait to see our finished space this year. Thank you Shannon for all that you do. Vicky J. Elias London House Photography 613-558-7551 The Right Image to sell Your Real EstateRead More

We had the pleasure of working with Shannon during our house reno. Upon meeting with her she asked all the right questions and understood our style and needs. We needed a solution that harmonized two spaces which included a fireplace in the living room and shelves in the kitchen. We also had one criteria, it had to be bar height. Shannon’s design solution was not only functional but incorporated elements from our existing home design, setting off a gracious fluidity from one zone to the next. Since then we’ve had her design our bedroom headboard (that serves as a dresser on the opposite side), exercise, sauna/steam area, and back yard. Shannon also has a meticulous attention to detail in areas of more modest price points such as hand rails, paint colours, open shelves and the use of textiles (to mention a few things). Our collaboration with Shannon has in time made our home more cohesive and helped us develop spaces that immerse you in comfort.Read More

Shannon is an exceptional interior designer with a keen eye for detail. She is extremely thoughtful and patient when considering all aspects of the project. I cant' imagine completing a project without her input in the future!Read More